mardi 23 mars 2010

I want YOUR opinion...

Here is a short article on the very special birthday present that Justin Bieber, the teenage singer, got for his birthday...I would like to know your opinion (at least 50 words) on the topic...

JUSTIN BIEBER received an extra special birthday present for his sweet 16 - USHER bought the teen sensation his first car.

The singer reached the milestone age earlier this month (01Mar10) and marked the day with a lavish bash in Los Angeles for all his friends, which included numerous action-packed games.

And Bieber's birthday was marked by his mentor Usher when the Yeah! hitmaker unveiled a brand new Range Rover for the teen.

Speaking on British TV show Live From Studio Five, Bieber says, "I was in L.A (for my birthday). I went to L.A. first and I had a party out there for all my friends and stuff and then we went to Toronto and had a family party up there. (Usher) helped buy me a car. He bought me a Range Rover. I can drive."

Source: WENN

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